Sunday, 8 May 2011

Art Process: Batman & Robin

I believe that the process of art is just as or sometimes even more interesting than the art itself. So I thought I would take you on the journey of how I go about doing some artwork.

So.... Here we go!

Yet again I was bored at work and drew another picture. If you haven't already guessed by looking at the title it's a picture of Batman & Robin.


Just drawn in a regular sketchbook I use two different pencils:

1. A clutch pencil containing a 2mm non-photo blue lead.
2. A mechanical pencil using 2B 0.5 lead.

The reason I use the blue lead is that I can be super rough with my sketching and not having to worry about constantly erasing my work. Since it's a non-photo blue lead removing it once scanned is extremely easy. After doing my rough sketch and layout with the blue I then go over it again with my 2B pencil. Since all of the planning has been done it's simply tracing over my work and there should be minimal correction.

Next up are the flats! Flats are the base colours for your image. As you can see here there is no shading or highlights and everything looks really bland. It's always a really good idea to flat everything in the picture before moving onto the shading and tweaking. That way you can get it all done in one big swoop and the light source is fresh in your mind.

I also cropped the picture a bit to make the compisition a little more interesting and remove all the things I didn't draw in my sketchbook.

[This Post will be Updated when I have completed the next step]

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  1. I always liked watching other's work in progress.
    It's always instructive!
    (and I do use to blue-pencils at first too^^)