Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Armageddon Melbourne Pre-Commissions

I will be taking pre-commissions for Armageddon Expo Melbourne!

This way you can lock in getting a commission from me, and I can sink in more time and care with your picture, since I won't be under convention pressure.

The prices are as follows:

Chibi Sketch - $20 - A Chibi Sketch of a character of your choosing.

Watercolour Commission - $60 - A commission of a character of your choosing which is then coloured in watercolour.

Digital Commission - $100 - A digital pinup commission of a character of your choosing. With this commission you get Hi-Res jpeg and PSD. But if you order the Pre-Commission you will also receive an A3 print of it too!

You can prepay for these commissions via PayPal or pay me cash when you pick it up at my booth at Armageddon.

Examples of the commissions are below.

If you are interested in getting a pre commission please email me at

Friday, 14 September 2012

High School Romance #2 Preview

Because you demanded it here is the preview of High School Romance #2, which will make it's debut at the Armageddon Expo in Melbourne October 13th!

It will be available both in print and digitally through Graphicly.

Hope you like the preview, make sure you let me know how excited you are for the book, and don't forget to "like" High School Romance on it's official Facebook page.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New Experiences and New Friends

Con Sketches from Supanova and Oz ComicCon. Also a picture with Stephanie Nadolny the voice of Goku.
Well, my convention tour is over (I still love the sound of that). Both Supanova Sydney and Oz Comic-Con Melbourne were extremely successful. So successful in fact that I am currently sold out of High School Romance #1 in print. Don't worry though if you still want to read High School Romance #1 you can still purchase it digitally from Graphicly for a measly $1.99. (SHAMELESS PLUG)
I never expected to have such a good experience having a table at a con this early in my "comic book career". People were stopping by the table asking for sketches, buying copies of both my artbook and High School Romance, and just stopping by to have a chat. It was so much fun! There is actually nothing cooler than people buying a copy of your comic and coming back the next day to let you know how much they enjoyed reading it.

I also made some really awesome new friends. These guys are probably some of the coolest people you will ever meet in the Aussie comics community. They go by the name Space Pyrates but in real life they are called Mathew Hoddy and Caitlin Major. I met them at the end of Supanova Sydney and they were good enough to let me team up with them for Oz Comic-Con to create an unstoppable dream team of sexiness. To prove how cool these guys are they release their comic, also called "Space Pyrates" online for free as a webcomic! The comic is hilarious so if you are a fan of fun you gotta go check it out!

Here is to new friends!

I'll be back on the road doing another convention tour towards the end of the year. I am super amped to get up and do it all over again. Having a table at one of these conventions and meeting awesome people just reaffirms to me that this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I will be going to Armageddon Melbourne and Supanova Brisbane to round off what my convention appearances for the rest of the year. Watch out for new chapters for High School Romance and maybe a guest appearance in Space Pyrates.

Anyways, till next time!

PS: I met Stan Lee :O

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Supanova Madness!

Supanova Sydney 2012 less than a week away! That means that it will be less than a week away till I have my first table at a convention!

After a few very intense weeks of drawing and planning I can now say that I am ready for Supanova. High School Romance #1 is complete and has been sent off to the printers. I have over 200 prints of 7 different design ready for sale. Accommodation in Sydney sorted. Everything is a GO!

Pokemon print available at Supanova!
Ben 10 print available at Supanova!

I mentioned in my first post of the year, this year is about action and I need to get things done. I feel that I am following through with that promise. Even though it took me a large amount of work to get to this point, for me this is the very beginning. From this point forward there is no turning back. As I now will be showing myself to the world in a very bold way by having a table at Supanova, I need to start fulfilling my promises and need to have more of an online presence through various social media. These are both things I need to work on.

After Supanova Sydney then it's hopefully on to Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, unfortunately that is not 100% confirmed yet but I should find out later this week. And once that is over that should be the end of my tour (always wanted to say that) and I can get back into blasting through High School Romance again. I might have completed one issue but I still have 6 more to go.

Oh man. This blog post is all over the place. I should start writing better. Anyways if you are in Sydney and are keen to hang out and be cool, then come find me at Supanova Sydney on  June 16th and 17th. I have given you a map underneath to find me.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

High School Romance #1 Out Now!

Well here it is. Issue 1 in it's entirety!

Well what are you waiting for? Go buy it!

Monday, 21 May 2012

High School Romance Preview!

I have been pretty quiet lately but that doesn't mean I haven't been hard at work!

I have been chipping away at my graphic novel HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE and luckily for you I am finally ready to start showing it off to the world! Without further adieu here is a sneak peek at HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE

Please comment, like and share!



Monday, 30 April 2012

Smash through some drawings.

The highlight of the Avengers movie.
So before I get onto what I want to talk about I am going to start off with some slightly bad news. Last post I mentioned a webcomic which I was going to start called "the Timeless Adventures of Zak + Zak". Well yeah..... It's not happening anymore. Let's just say that something else more exciting came along and  now I won't have time to work on Zak + Zak. The new thing is much cooler anyways so don't worry you are not missing out on much.

The good news is that I am working very hard on High School Romance in both creating the book and trying to find a publisher. I have to say that this is all extremely daunting. I have never worked on comic this big before. Most comics I have worked on there has been about 7-8 pages long. But High School Romance is a whopping 150+ pages. I really need to step up my game with this one and I am enjoying the challenge. Trying to find a publisher is also really tough but I have to say even though I haven't found one yet the feedback from High School Romance has been extremely positive. Which is always a plus.

On a completely unrelated note. I have seen The Avengers. I saw it at midnight on opening night here in Australia and I must say it was spectacular. I feel sorry for Shane Black who has to follow that with Iron Man 3. The stand out character in the movie had to be the Hulk. He was utterly amazing and after watching Avengers I was telling myself  "I have to draw Hulk". So I did. Enjoy.

Aight I'm out.


Saturday, 17 March 2012

TEASER: Zak + Zak

Over the last couple of days I have conjured up the idea of doing a webcomic. I just wanted to do something that people could follow along with for free. Initially I was going with the idea of doing one page of comic a week, which I would post on this blog. I wanted to start Friday! I had no story planned I was just going to wing it. Well... Friday came and I did come up with a concept and I even drew the page. But since I was in such a mad rush to get it done, it turned out crap. This wasn't the quality of comic I wanted to show the world.

So I decided to sleep on it. Whilst at work today I thought about it more. Since Graphicly is now offering easy ways for independent creators to distribute their comics, why don't I take advantage of that. So not only will I be distributing a comic you can read on your browser anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet can also view the comic tailored specifically to what they are using.

So what is it?

I don't want to give too much away but "The Timeless Adventures of Zak and Zak" will be a monthly 100% free 5 page comic. Through Graphicly you will be able to read it on your PC, iDevice or Android Device. This comic will be a very experimental comic for me. It will be experimental in both format and artistic style.

Anyways I hope you are excited for this little experiment of mine there will e more details over the next few weeks.

Monday, 12 March 2012

High School Romance.

The cover of issue 1 of High School Romance. AKA known as the pink issue.

Over the past few weeks I have been working hard on my creator owned project. That project is High School Romance. A story that I came up with around mid last year, I decided whilst on holiday in Mauritius that I was going to commit to it this year.

If you follow this blog regularly you might have realised that the male character on the cover looks mighty familiar. If you look at the banner of this website you'll notice he's just casually sitting there drinking some soft drink! But if you dig even deeper you'll notice he looks remarkably alot like one of the characters I drew in the very first post of this blog. And it all comes together...

Anyways I don't really want to give too much away at this point in time as it is still extremely early days. So I'll give you one panel of the comic to whet your appetites.

Hmmmm... I wonder what's going on in that panel....


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Style Update Plus Butt.

So here is the final version of the image I showed you in my last post. As you can see I am experimenting with how I present the final works. This one was hugely inspired by T-Wei. He likes to take photos of his sketches in his sketchbook and finish them in photoshop, instead of scanning it. So I copied him. I love it. It's so much fun and inherently gives it a bit more awesome. I'll probably keep doing these. =D

Starting with this picture I am trying to move away from doing too much fan art. You will probably still see some fanart from me but I will be dialling it back heaps.

It's been fun! Lates!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Artistic exploration.

For a blog called "the artistic flavours of jin and juice" I haven't really shown much "art" on here. That's going to change. I go on DeviantArt everyday. It might not look like it since I haven't updated that bad boy in like forever, but I do. Everyday I go on my inbox is full of inspirational art. stuff that I believe that I never come close to. So I'm going to start bettering myself when it comes to my art.
Something that I am working on.

Since I have been working very hard on my new creator owned comic, the whole process of creating art has been reinvigorated ten fold. I want to draw, draw, draw, draw. And so I'm going to. Since I have started with this forward momentum I'm going to keep it going. I'm going to draw at least one picture everyday. That sounds huge, but in the grand scheme of things, it isn't. If this was my career this is exactly what I would be doing so why not get into that mindset now.

Let's see how long I keep this up for. Usually I promise these things and then I don't follow through.

Oh and noticed how I changed the blog layout again. I think I am 100% happy with this one this time so I shouldn't be changing it up anytime soon.


Monday, 20 February 2012

Going Digital.

So it seems that my family and I have gone over our download limit for the month. This leaves a bored Jin who can barely search the net and can not actually play DC Universe Online at all. So I thought that I would take some time to talk about something that has been on my mind a lot lately.

Comics and the digital world.

When it comes to comics it would seem that I have nearly gone 100% digital in every way possible. In both the consumption of comics and the creation of comics.

With the huge rise in popularity of tablets and smart phones comics now have never been as easy to purchase and read as they are today. In fact now that all the major publishers are pushing for day-and-date digital comics I have dropped most of my comics that I pick up from local comic book store and and now get them digitally. Which ends up being much cheaper for me since I live in Australia and comics are here priced a bit higher than the American cover price. But digital comics haven't won me over on price, they have won me over on convenience. I am starting to get to the point where I have nowhere to put all my comics. Now that I have my entire digital library on any tablet device or PC in the world I couldn't be happier.

On the creation front though, things get even more exciting for me. I used to do everything the "old school way" using blue pencil on an art board, then pencils, then ink followed by scanning in 3 parts... The whole process is time consuming and since I do everything by myself in most of the comics I work on, everything becomes tedious and I just get sick of working on that page. Ever since the last page of Sonic the Comic Online #256 I have pretty much been doing my comic art on my computer with a tablet exclusively. What a difference it makes. Being able to play around with layers, move things around as I see fit, the whole process of making a comic has become super fun and most importantly fast. Since I am cutting out so many elements like the scanning and the touch ups more than half the time to finish a page has already been cut out. I actually can't believe I did it any other way now.

As you can probably tell I am super excited about the digital future of comics. Especially with what Graphicly is now doing for creators with their digital distribution platform, it would only seem that the world of comics is about to explode with awesomeness. We are now going to see more great independent books come out that just couldn't before because of logistics, and we are going to see the art in comics taken to new heights as other artist also start experimenting with what can be done on a computer now days.

Since I have been going on about digital one of the other cool things I can do is show you the process on how I work digitally. Check out the video below!

Thanks for taking the time to have a read and watch, until next time stay safe!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Getting Professional.

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen some photos of my brand new art book "Epic Jin". What you don't know is that I started putting that book together in October last year hoping to have it out before 2012. Well that clearly didn't happen but that's why I am now in get my shit together mode. Now that I am in that mode I got it done. 

But that is only one thing on my list of things to do. The next thing was get a new domain name for this blog. Which has been done, if you would like to point your eyes to the URL bar. Isn't that more professional? 

Speaking of professional... things are starting to come together professionally for me as well. I am in talks with the AIE Canberra campus in starting a traditional drawing skills course. Things are still being finalised on that front but currently everything is looking good and the course should start soon.

Myself at the AIE 2012 Welcome BBQ

The most exciting thing I am working on this year is an independent comic that I am writing and drawing. This is something I will be working pretty much full time over the next couple of months and hopefully I will be able to get a publisher for it along the way. What I would like to do is sorta document the whole process of me working on the comic through this blog so you can see the whole process of how I go about creating this series.  You will hear more on that very soon.

Anyways.. until next time. Take it easy!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New Year, New Look!

So it's 2012. The year of the Dragon. So that means that this is my year, as I was born in the year of the Dragon. And the goal is to make the most of this year... correction my year as possible. I have come out of 2011 with a shiny new Advanced Diploma and brand new feeling of confidence. If I play my cards right this will be a massive year for me.

As you can see I have just given my blog and even my portfolio a brand new coat of paint. Away with the blacks and in with the whites. i am really happy with the new look. I feel that it captures the direction where I want my art to head to over the next coming months. Oh... and the character in the banner for this blog is a little taste on what I am currently working on, which I am super... super excited about.

So please... keep an eye on this space. Because this is going to be a big year for me and I would love to take all of you on that ride with me.