Sunday, 10 June 2012

Supanova Madness!

Supanova Sydney 2012 less than a week away! That means that it will be less than a week away till I have my first table at a convention!

After a few very intense weeks of drawing and planning I can now say that I am ready for Supanova. High School Romance #1 is complete and has been sent off to the printers. I have over 200 prints of 7 different design ready for sale. Accommodation in Sydney sorted. Everything is a GO!

Pokemon print available at Supanova!
Ben 10 print available at Supanova!

I mentioned in my first post of the year, this year is about action and I need to get things done. I feel that I am following through with that promise. Even though it took me a large amount of work to get to this point, for me this is the very beginning. From this point forward there is no turning back. As I now will be showing myself to the world in a very bold way by having a table at Supanova, I need to start fulfilling my promises and need to have more of an online presence through various social media. These are both things I need to work on.

After Supanova Sydney then it's hopefully on to Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, unfortunately that is not 100% confirmed yet but I should find out later this week. And once that is over that should be the end of my tour (always wanted to say that) and I can get back into blasting through High School Romance again. I might have completed one issue but I still have 6 more to go.

Oh man. This blog post is all over the place. I should start writing better. Anyways if you are in Sydney and are keen to hang out and be cool, then come find me at Supanova Sydney on  June 16th and 17th. I have given you a map underneath to find me.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

High School Romance #1 Out Now!

Well here it is. Issue 1 in it's entirety!

Well what are you waiting for? Go buy it!