Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to the artistic flavours of jin & juice. Having a blog seem like the hip and cool thing to do so I started one. Here i'll post stuff from all over the joint, though you will mostly see my art stuff you can expect my thoughts on movies and comics and stuff about my life in general. So let's be done with the sappy introduction and get straight into the good stuff.

Boredom is a powerful state and it's amazing what you can achieve when you are that bored. Whilst I have been working and we have had no customers I have been able to just do some sketches in my sketchbook. If you follow my deviantart you would recognise these.

I'm pretty stoked with how both these pictures turned out, but I am been copping a lot of steam from my mates for not adding some graffiti. We'll see, if I can be bothered I might make some changes.

And quickly before I head off, I saw the Thor moive on April 21 here in Australia. And it was awesome!!! Hoping to go see it again soon, cuz it was so boss.

Anyways lates,


  1. Pretty nice start, buddy ;)
    I'll be sure to have it added to my bloglist!

    If you'd like, I could have a little banner up amongst the links I have on my page: http://eyzmaster.blogspot.com/

  2. That would be awesome thanks! I'll do the same for you aswell :D.

    Question: How do you have it so you have more than one link picture in the sidebar box?

  3. It's a little "gimmick" from blogspot, do to design and add a widget.
    It's the Html/javascript one. (then I used html coding to have pictures linking to other blogs - easy to find through google)

  4. Thanks! I got it working! Would you like me to make a banner for myself?

  5. Well, don't do anything complicated, make a print screen, edit it to the correct size, and tadaaa~

    I put a banner linking to this blog already, check it out and let me know! ;)