Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Armageddon Melbourne Pre-Commissions

I will be taking pre-commissions for Armageddon Expo Melbourne!

This way you can lock in getting a commission from me, and I can sink in more time and care with your picture, since I won't be under convention pressure.

The prices are as follows:

Chibi Sketch - $20 - A Chibi Sketch of a character of your choosing.

Watercolour Commission - $60 - A commission of a character of your choosing which is then coloured in watercolour.

Digital Commission - $100 - A digital pinup commission of a character of your choosing. With this commission you get Hi-Res jpeg and PSD. But if you order the Pre-Commission you will also receive an A3 print of it too!

You can prepay for these commissions via PayPal or pay me cash when you pick it up at my booth at Armageddon.

Examples of the commissions are below.

If you are interested in getting a pre commission please email me at