Saturday, 17 March 2012

TEASER: Zak + Zak

Over the last couple of days I have conjured up the idea of doing a webcomic. I just wanted to do something that people could follow along with for free. Initially I was going with the idea of doing one page of comic a week, which I would post on this blog. I wanted to start Friday! I had no story planned I was just going to wing it. Well... Friday came and I did come up with a concept and I even drew the page. But since I was in such a mad rush to get it done, it turned out crap. This wasn't the quality of comic I wanted to show the world.

So I decided to sleep on it. Whilst at work today I thought about it more. Since Graphicly is now offering easy ways for independent creators to distribute their comics, why don't I take advantage of that. So not only will I be distributing a comic you can read on your browser anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet can also view the comic tailored specifically to what they are using.

So what is it?

I don't want to give too much away but "The Timeless Adventures of Zak and Zak" will be a monthly 100% free 5 page comic. Through Graphicly you will be able to read it on your PC, iDevice or Android Device. This comic will be a very experimental comic for me. It will be experimental in both format and artistic style.

Anyways I hope you are excited for this little experiment of mine there will e more details over the next few weeks.

Monday, 12 March 2012

High School Romance.

The cover of issue 1 of High School Romance. AKA known as the pink issue.

Over the past few weeks I have been working hard on my creator owned project. That project is High School Romance. A story that I came up with around mid last year, I decided whilst on holiday in Mauritius that I was going to commit to it this year.

If you follow this blog regularly you might have realised that the male character on the cover looks mighty familiar. If you look at the banner of this website you'll notice he's just casually sitting there drinking some soft drink! But if you dig even deeper you'll notice he looks remarkably alot like one of the characters I drew in the very first post of this blog. And it all comes together...

Anyways I don't really want to give too much away at this point in time as it is still extremely early days. So I'll give you one panel of the comic to whet your appetites.

Hmmmm... I wonder what's going on in that panel....


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Style Update Plus Butt.

So here is the final version of the image I showed you in my last post. As you can see I am experimenting with how I present the final works. This one was hugely inspired by T-Wei. He likes to take photos of his sketches in his sketchbook and finish them in photoshop, instead of scanning it. So I copied him. I love it. It's so much fun and inherently gives it a bit more awesome. I'll probably keep doing these. =D

Starting with this picture I am trying to move away from doing too much fan art. You will probably still see some fanart from me but I will be dialling it back heaps.

It's been fun! Lates!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Artistic exploration.

For a blog called "the artistic flavours of jin and juice" I haven't really shown much "art" on here. That's going to change. I go on DeviantArt everyday. It might not look like it since I haven't updated that bad boy in like forever, but I do. Everyday I go on my inbox is full of inspirational art. stuff that I believe that I never come close to. So I'm going to start bettering myself when it comes to my art.
Something that I am working on.

Since I have been working very hard on my new creator owned comic, the whole process of creating art has been reinvigorated ten fold. I want to draw, draw, draw, draw. And so I'm going to. Since I have started with this forward momentum I'm going to keep it going. I'm going to draw at least one picture everyday. That sounds huge, but in the grand scheme of things, it isn't. If this was my career this is exactly what I would be doing so why not get into that mindset now.

Let's see how long I keep this up for. Usually I promise these things and then I don't follow through.

Oh and noticed how I changed the blog layout again. I think I am 100% happy with this one this time so I shouldn't be changing it up anytime soon.