Saturday, 18 June 2011

Holy Crap Summer of Sonic!

That's about the easiest way to sum up how I feel right now. One week from now I am going to the best Sonic the Hedgehog party in the world. SUMMER OF SONIC!!!

Last year as I was watching the awesomeness that was Crush 40 performing at Summer of Sonic 2010, I made myself a promise that for Sonic's 20th anniversary, I will be there. Nearly a year later and guess what? I'm actually going! Next thursday I am going to hop on a plane and travelling to London to what I imagine will be the greatest convention I will ever go to in my life.

Yes. Yes they are and so am I.
It is certainly going to be a special day for me. There are 3 people who have made my list of "people I must meet before I die" Ryan Reynolds, Akira Toriyama and Yuji Naka. Next Saturday that list goes down to 2 people. But meeting Yuji Naka is not the only reason it will be a special day. Over the last few years I have collaborated with wonderful and talented people to help bring the world Sonic the Comic Online! This will be the first time I will have met anybody who works on the comic in the flesh and I can't wait. We'll have our own table promoting the comic and doing something special on the day aswell.

But Summer of Sonic is only the beginning of the journey. I haven't saved all this money to travel to London from Australia and party for one day. No way. After I conclude my time in London I will begin travelling Europe with my best friend, where Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Geneva, Berlin and Frankfurt are on the itnerary. This is going to be epic.

So yeah. I'm a tiny bit excited.

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  1. Seems like you had fun there!

    Too bad we weren't able to mee in person there...I tried finding you though.... oh well, next time, right? :/

    Listening to Yuji Naka & co answer questions, even trivial ones, was such the highlight of SoS for me :D