Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Getting Professional.

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen some photos of my brand new art book "Epic Jin". What you don't know is that I started putting that book together in October last year hoping to have it out before 2012. Well that clearly didn't happen but that's why I am now in get my shit together mode. Now that I am in that mode I got it done. 

But that is only one thing on my list of things to do. The next thing was get a new domain name for this blog. Which has been done, if you would like to point your eyes to the URL bar. Isn't that more professional? 

Speaking of professional... things are starting to come together professionally for me as well. I am in talks with the AIE Canberra campus in starting a traditional drawing skills course. Things are still being finalised on that front but currently everything is looking good and the course should start soon.

Myself at the AIE 2012 Welcome BBQ

The most exciting thing I am working on this year is an independent comic that I am writing and drawing. This is something I will be working pretty much full time over the next couple of months and hopefully I will be able to get a publisher for it along the way. What I would like to do is sorta document the whole process of me working on the comic through this blog so you can see the whole process of how I go about creating this series.  You will hear more on that very soon.

Anyways.. until next time. Take it easy!

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